Chocolate Guide


Almond Apricot Marzipan
Delicately flavored marzipan combined with
dried apricots and finished in milk chocolate.

Smooth milk chocolate ganache flavored with Amaretto and finished in milk chocolate.

Black & White
Creamy white chocolate center covered in dark chocolate.

Brownie Walnut
Dark chocolate ganache mixed with toasted walnuts and dipped in dark chocolate.

A wonderful blend of cherries and dark chocolate.

Chewy coconut layered over smooth chocolate ganache and finished in either milk or dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate
The classic dark chocolate truffle.

Dark Chocolate Caramel
The perfect blend of dark chocolate and soft caramel dipped in dark chocolate.

Earl Grey Lavender
A tantalizing combination of tea and dark chocolate.

Extra Dark
Bitter chocolate center encased in dark chocolate.

Fleur de Sel Caramel
Rich, chewy caramel enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.

Ganache Bites
Creamy milk chocolate ganache covered in milk chocolate.

Ginger Spice
A heartwarming mix of ginger and spices covered in white or dark chocolate.

Smooth hazelnut filling finished in milk chocolate.

Rich lemon filling surrounded by dark chocolate.

Liquid Caramel
A liquid caramel center coated in milk chocolate.





Macadamia nuts covered in milk chocolate.

Mint Crunch 
Minty chocolate ganache and mint toffee bits encased in dark chocolate.

Delicate coffee filling covered in milk chocolate.

Orange Cream 
Creamy orange center finished in milk chocolate.

Peanut Butter 
Smooth peanut butter ganache encased in milk chocolate.

Soft raspberry center covered in dark chocolate.

Slivered almonds with a hint of orange covered in dark chocolate.

Smooth, silky rum ganache finished in milk or dark chocolate.

The classic American combination of rich caramel and toasted pecans finished in milk or dark chocolate.

Toffee Bites  
Rich buttery almond toffee dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

Creamy white chocolate ganache encased in white chocolate.



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